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With his eclectic style, whitty lyrics, and energic presentation Elijah McGill has taken the Tampa Bay Area by storm! Achieving inspiration from Eminem, Outkast, Darek Minor and Uncle Reece,  he has used his authentic free-spirited form and nature to captivate audiences and compel them to Christ. Elijah’s mixtapes, Blessing Beats flaunts his creativity by baptizing popular mainstream beats with scriptural revelation.  “All I want to do is bring the Gospel to these young people so that they can retain all that God has for them,” says the Clearwater native. He is a husband, father, and teacher who through his music and poetry, brings lyrical metaphors around biblical principles.

“I’m on a roll 

All on the Road  

Praying for people walking through rows 

Drop em in water they come up with Soul 

I’m all on go

I’m so Westbrook 

      Working so hard I don’t rest good 

Devout to the word  

    So the Text good 

 they keep diluting the message 

So They Dont upset them 

But truth is not a suggestion

You see success in possessions 

and me I just see dead men”

– lyrics from “Go” off of his debut album

A Man With A Message

Elijah has served the youth in his home church for over 14 years. His passion to see indivduals Sold Out to Jesus resulted in him tirelessly devoting every aspect of his life to show them that living for God is rewarding and doesn’t have to be dull.  When reflecting on his own upbringing, he remembers his own thoughts and perceptions of God. “Often times church is geared towards older people, giving young people the perception that God is for older generations and that church can’t be fun or youthful.  That is why I want to reach people anyway that I can, through whatever method I can.”


And Elijah has done just that!

Not only is his music bold and daring, but his YouTube series entitled Bible Barz brings to light the answers to dozens of practical day to day subjects not regularly addressed in modern Christianity.  Elijah expresses how “One of the hardest things to do in Chrisitianity is to be who you are 100% of the time. ” His ability to be transparent with things that he has endured is evident in all of his works. Audiences of all ages divulge in this unique ministry feeling the relief and hope to blantly be unashamed of who God has created them to be! He has graced stages throughout North America gathering a large following. Elijah has performed as the headline with major artists including Uncle Reece, Bri Babineaux, Cyrus Speaks and many others.

With an ever increasing fan base from his music, poetry, and YouTube series, Elijah McGill has truly drawn a line in the sand.

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